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At the forefront of green service provision across the UK since 1990, Glendale offers innovative solutions for the total management and maintenance of the green environment.

We aim to enrich the lives of those we serve and those we employ by instilling pride, passion and performance throughout the workplace.

Delivering exceptional quality and striving for complete customer satisfaction, Glendale delivers an unparalleled portfolio of specialist green services to local authorities, private estates, utility companies and housing associations.

Glendale provide a range of grounds maintenance and tree services for residents of the Aster Group. The majority of sites (with grass and shrub beds) should expect 25 visits a year, however some sites (shrub beds only) will only receive 17 sites. Play areas will be visited weekly. Below are the services offered to Aster Group residents and the expected service standards you should receive from our gardening staff.

Horticultural Tasks

Communal Grass Cutting

Cutting frequency of 17 : Mar-Oct x 2 per month, Nov x 1. Height of the cut to be 25–65 mm in length

Grass Edging

Edges to beds and pathways will be cut back as and when required to maintain the edge of beds and pathways

Shrub/Herbaceous Bed Maintenance

All beds to be maintained monthly

Rose Bed Maintenance

All beds to be maintained monthly

Hedge Maintenance

All hedges will be cut back to the desired shape Frequency — three cuts March, July & October

Cleansing Duties

Litter Picking

All paths, drives and carriageways must be maintained litter free on each visit.

Hard Surface Weed & Moss Control

Weeds will be controlled on hard surfaces by hand or by use of approved chemicals on up to 8 occasions per annum

Leaf Clearance

Leaves will be cleared from paths on every visit if required

Hard Surface Sweeping

Paths will be cleared on every visit

Hard Surfacing Pressure Jetting

Independent Living Schemes onlyFrequency — once per annum

Estates Services

Inspections of Play Areas

Weekly visual inspections of play areas and report of any damage to play equipment generally or hazardous or potentially dangerous conditions relating to the play areas

Tree Maintenance

Tree will be lifted to a height of 2m annually along with the removal of basal and epicormic growth. Young trees will have stakes and ties checked and replaced, where required annually.

Ditch & Drainage Channel Maintenance

Ditches will be checked for obstacles on every visit, strimmed either once, twice or three times per annum. Once - NovemberTwice - April & NovemberThree - April, July & November

Snow Clearance and Gritting

Only on instruction from Aster management

We promote

We promote:

  • Sustainable service provision

  • Community planting schemes

  • Tenant led inspection groups to review work undertaken

  • Employing local based staff and apprentices

Embracing technology

The services are managed, delivered and monitored using Glendale Live.

Glendale Live is our asset and task management web and mobile app. It allows our management team and client to see where each of our teams are at any time, and see the quality of work as it is being completed, live, from the field.